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Global Training Centre - Why Choose Us?

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We are internationally recognized as a leader in providing technical training to a diverse range of industries. From day and full week courses at our home facility in Southern Alberta to remote overseas worksites, we deliver. Our clients have come to depend on us for training that makes a difference. Our facility boasts state of the art simulators that enable our students to gain invaluable hands on experience in a safe environment. Whether it's learning how to safely enter a confined space in one of our many specially built vessels, or line locating in our field designed for such a purpose, we offer the closest thing to the "real world" without the risk. Our fire field props simulate dangers on the job, or in the home, so everyone takes away potentially life saving skills that are reality based. We cater to large groups or individual students and make your experience an unforgettable one. Our customizable multi-day courses are designed to provide what many of our clients require for their core training. Whether you are training for work or for personal reasons the goal is the same...we want you and your family to get home safe every time! We train thousands of workers each year in jobsite and operator safety, industry specific certification requirements and more. With a robust catalogue of courses to select from that are delivered by a team of professional trainers at our site or yours, online, or blended, we are the right choice.


Global Training Centre's classroom and blended learning training can be completed onsite at your location in your training facility, off site at a suitable site or anywhere our mobile classroom can drive to. Many of our courses are already available online and others are in development. This allows for flexible, convenient 24/7 access to training when and where you need it.

You can eliminate your risk of fraudulent tickets as well as as save your time and money by storing and maintaining training records and certifications through Global Training Centre. Easily access student training profiles using our digital badging sysstem even without access to the internet!  We help you easily manage training taken through Global for yourself or your team, verify worker certifications, and help ensure that when work gets done at your jobsite it gets done the right way --- the safe way.

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