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Safety Excellence Application and Sustainment

As we are all aware, just because participants take a safety leadership program it does not always mean that they will leave the program and immediately undertake new behaviours. Almost all of us would admit we have attended wonderful and effective training in our careers that we never truly implemented post program. This is a large learning of our own team and instead or just recognizing the gap...we decided to close it!

The Workplace Intelligence Tools (WITS) and our coaching process allow candidates the ability to understand what behaviours they perform that are positive…and which behaviours are not. Many of us have tried to alter our behaviour knowing something wasn’t working the way we wanted it to. When others begin to notice “something different” about a leader they typically don’t know what the different thing is and often people say…”I am not sure what he/she is doing different but I like it”. WITS is able to show the participant what areas they are improving on…and in what categories there is an improvement.

Benchmark your progress.

Our coaching advantage is the Leadership Excellence Scorecard (LES). The LES is utilized at every stage to show movement and performance improvements. Areas of growth are captured from the LES and become focus points between the coach and candidate.

Our Coaching and Mentoring program helps leaders understand how important delivering feedback is, and we work with our candidates to ensure they become masters at delivering the required messages with absolute clarity while still ensuring respect and trust.

Our Workplace Intelligence Tools (WITS) also ensure when someone receives feedback their behaviour is fully discussed and understood. Sometimes we don’t even know we are doing the thing that is causing so many others stress or concern. Our system scores different leadership categories and shows WHAT behaviour needs to be performed NEXT to ensure success for the leader, and the team. Our coaches allow a performer to see themselves as others see them…not just through their own assessment but the assessment of an entire team.

Our coaches work to improve leadership within our candidates, the behaviour switch is the result of properly delivered feedback and a genuine effort of our candidate to perform in a way that motivates a team. Our LES system “Leadership Excellence Scorecards” ensure a candidate knows their performance in specific categories and what they can aspire to by performing set criteria to deliver the best possible performance.

Is it time for you and your team to create Workplace Excellence…give Global Centre for Leadership and Safety Excellence a call today to book an assessment and demonstrate our tools.

  • Coach/mentors work both e-distance coaching or at your site.
  • Our team is currently working with leaders in Malaysia, North America and Africa developing leadership and safety excellence skills.
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