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Advancing Safety Excellence

Our second generation “Advancing Safety Excellence” program is the much anticipated response to many of our clients requesting the next great safety excellence product from Global.

The ASE program unites two recognized programs into one fantastic next generation safety excellence program.

ASE brings together the SEFSAM program and introduces new behavioural components from our years of experience and analytic research with many of the worlds largest companies.

The Workplace Excellence 4 stage coaching program is integrated into ASE to bring about personal and corporate learnings about a participant’s strengths and opportunities. During the program, these learnings are applied to new development and behavioural strategies to ensure every participant gains an advanced understanding of safety leadership challenges. They then have the ability to take those challenges head on with confidence and integrity.

ASE brings together the best of SEF and the Workplace Excellence Coaching Program:

The ASE program design works to provide advanced concept understanding of the issues that are faced by today’s managers and supervisors when it comes to managing the relationship between money, production, time and Health and Safety. This relationship is a prominent theme throughout the program and the session’s focus on safety leadership and business excellence to ensure success and how culture can be created. The participants become very aware of their strengths, opportunities, action plans and development.

After course completion ASE session participants receive:

  • An online survey
  • Strategies to help post session participants
  • Optional coaching/mentoring application follow up models list for further development
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Day One  2 Days (16hrs)

Day Two

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