Safety 2000

What is Safety 2000®?

The Safety 2000® program is a unique, all-inclusive training package with a proven track record of quality and economics. It saves up to 50% of your training time and work hour charges by eliminating duplication and additional travel.

This completely modular program is tailored to corporate and site-specific needs. Our progressive hands-on training methods guarantee increased retention, motivation and a superior safety attitude. As regulations, standards and corporate policies change, Global Training Centre’s capability to implement immediate revisions ensures our training reflects the most current technology, generally considered above OH&S regulations and standards. The extensive experience and specialized skills of our team allows us to customize this program at the highest level of quality to satisfy your requirements.

Why is there a need for Safety 2000®?

The Global or Open Safety 2000® program was initiated by industry to address regulatory training by companies that wish to co-train with other companies for learning enrichment, and a higher quality of training and product.

The Corporate-Specific Safety 2000® program addresses the needs of companies that require the addition of company and site-specific information to enhance personnel development, as well as increasing due diligence demands.

How often is Safety 2000® offered?

The Safety 2000® program runs weekly, year round, beginning each Monday at 7:00 am.

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