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Basic Line Locating – Tech I

This one-day program covers the basic principles involved in underground locating, including an overview of the type of problems utility staff regularly encounter and how to solve them. The presentation is generic in nature and does not promote specific makes or models of line locators. The objective is to enlighten utility staff on the increasingly complex functions involved in this important and cost-effective activity. Indeed, a well-informed locator saves time, money and, in some cases, injury.
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PPE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS CLASS: Coveralls, steel-toed boots, gloves, safety glasses, hard hat, outerwear (suited to weather conditions, ex. snow, rain), transmitter and receiver equipment (we will supply if you don't have your own)


April 6, 17, 25
May 8, 16, 25
June 8, 22
July 6, 27
Aug 8, 24
Sept 7, 21, 28
Oct 12, 26







Certification, valid for three years.

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain how electromagnetic fields are created, propagated and detected using simple examples and diagrams.
  • Illustrate how field distortion can and does result in inaccurate locating and or measurements.
  • Explain how to reduce or eliminate some of the most common causes and effects of distortion.
  • Illustrate the importance of selecting the best grounding techniques and most effective frequency for the task at hand.
  • Explain the differences in the types of faults typically being located and the most effective ways to address each.
  • Demonstrates in a field application, direct connect, clamp, and induction methods of underground locating.


The competencies of this program are tested and measured through 100% participation of the learning objectives. Participants must achieve a minimum pass mark of 70% on a written competency exam.

Line Locating Tech I


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